Garbage Baby: A Fan Awakens

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Not so long ago in a galaxy not at all far away, AMANDA SMITH innocently watched a series of space adventure films. By Episode VII, everything had changed. Amanda had fallen to the DARK SIDE. But, like, have you SEEN Kylo Ren's hair? Can you really blame her? Dang...

The 20-page (including covers) PDF of this zine is in color and primarily made up of mini-comics. Expect a lot of Kylo Ren and humor. Focused specifically on The Last Jedi. If that's not your cup of tea, this is not the zine for you. Contains self-inserts and the story of how I became a Star Wars fan.

Note: This is a FAN WORK and I do not claim ownership of any of the Star Wars characters.

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    22.5 MB
  • Length
    20 pages
  • Size22.5 MB
  • Length20 pages
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Garbage Baby: A Fan Awakens

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